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PawterFountain™ The Pet Drinking Fountain.

PawterFountain™ The Pet Drinking Fountain.

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 Tailored hydration for your whiskered companion!

Introducing PawterFountain™, the ultimate Pet Cat Drinking Water Fountain Dispenser with Activated Carbon Filters. Designed to provide your feline friend with a continuous supply of fresh and filtered water, PawterFountain™ ensures that your beloved pet stays hydrated and healthy. With its stylish design and advanced filtration system, this water fountain dispenser is the perfect addition to your home for keeping your cat's thirst quenched.

PawterFountain™ combines functionality and aesthetics to create an exceptional drinking experience for your cat. The sleek and modern design effortlessly blends into any home decor, adding a touch of elegance to your living space. Crafted with quality materials, PawterFountain™ is built to last, ensuring long-lasting durability for your pet's enjoyment.

Delightful sips for a vibrant, playful cat. <3

Hydration Promotion: The continuous flow of fresh and filtered water encourages cats to drink more, promoting proper hydration. This helps prevent dehydration, especially in cats who may not drink enough from stagnant water bowls.

Improved Water Quality: By eliminating impurities and odors, the fountain enhances the overall quality of the water, making it more appealing to your cat. This encourages them to drink more frequently and maintain a healthy water intake.

Convenient and Easy to Maintain: The removable water reservoir and replaceable filters make cleaning and maintenance a breeze. It's a hassle-free solution compared to constantly refilling and cleaning traditional water bowls.

✅Durable and Pet-Safe: Constructed with high-quality materials, PawterFountain™ is built to withstand regular use and is safe for your pet. It provides a reliable and long-lasting water fountain dispenser for your cat's enjoyment.

Quiet Operation: The fountain operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment for both you and your pet. You won't be disturbed by loud noises typically associated with other pet drinking devices.

Health and Well-being: Proper hydration is essential for a cat's overall health and well-being. With PawterFountain™, with our 3 step filtration system you can ensure your furry friend has access to clean and refreshing water, contributing to their overall vitality.

I waited to review this since so many fountains I’ve tried start strong and then go south quickly. I’ve had this for 5 months now and I’m happy with it every day.
The fountain is as quiet today as it was 5 months ago brand new. The only sound is from the trickling water as it falls, there’s no loud pump motor running that has driven me nutty with so many others. It’s also easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing in my house. 

~Lily F-Sacremento CA.

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